Balladen Reading & Phonics Overview
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The Teaching of Phonics

When your child begins in Reception s/he will begin learning phonics, which is the code used for reading. This will involve learning individual sounds and being able to hear and say these sounds in words. They will learn to read and write the 44 phonemes (sounds) used in the English language. Children are also taught how to blend and segment sounds in order to read and write simple words.

Some words cannot be easily blended and are called ‘tricky words’, which children must be able to read by sight. These will be taught to the children.

High frequency words which appear in early reading books will be sent home with children so they can practise speed reading and recognising and finding these words in their reading books.

Reading Audit  Updated December 2017

The teaching of reading skills and the encouragement of a love of reading is a high priority at Balladen School.

The updated audit carried out in November shows present practice throughout the school.

Reception Class

This practice of teaching reading is continued and extended throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

From Year 1 onwards all teachers are provided with a Daily Reading List of children who are not reading at home or are progressing at a slower rate than their peers.

Year 1

We realise as a school that there will always be a small minority of children who do not regularly read at home. These children are catered for in school.

Year 2

All Key Stage 2 classes have class readers – one book per term.

The catch up programmes toe by toe  and IDL are run for children in every KS2 class.

In class, weekly records are made of children who have read 4 times or more . In all KS2 classes, golden time is the reward for reading.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5 and 6

The practice in the lower classes is mirrored in Years 5 and 6.


Books have been banded throughout school. Each colour has an assessment sheet.  A best fit approach is adopted and as children move through the levels appropriate assessments are made. These assessments are recorded on the “colour” sheets and are passed onto the receiving class teacher.

Half termly assessments are made for children in the school who are reading books levelled by colours. These are recorded in the tracking file.

Reading comprehension assessments are carried out half termly in KS2. PIP’s are administered in the Reception Class on entry and at the end.

Next Steps

Diane and Lynsey to meet regularly to decide where we go next:-

The Teaching of Reading in
Foundation and Key Stage 1

The children are given reading books from the start of Reception and are encouraged to listen to the story, identify characters or discuss ‘what happens next?’ by using picture clues and finding some of the high frequency words the children have started to learn.

Books are levelled into colour bands according to level of difficulty and at Balladen we use a variety of schemes; fiction and non-fiction books.

Children will start to learn comprehension skills, understanding story sequence, structure, language and characters. They will look at different types of text: story, information, poetry and rhyme.

The teaching of reading will be done through:

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