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Community Primary School
Linden Lea, Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 6DX
Tel/Fax: 01706 215233



My name is Kaitlyn and I am in Year 2.
“I like the teachers because they are beautiful and helpful.  Partitioning makes my brain hurt and I have learnt about light sources, man-made and natural.  My teachers help me when I’m stuck.  I am challenged with mental maths and spelling & grammar tests.  I have lots of friends and my best friend is Darcie.”

I am called Jadie-Leigh and I am in Year 2 at Balladen School.
“I like the teachers they are helpful and nice.  My favourite lesson is Art and Maths.  I like Partitioning.  I get challenged in my class with extra VCOP and we have to use adverbs in my writing.  I enjoy season work and I like trips to the farm.”

My Name is Lilly and I go to Balladen School.
“I am currently in year 1 and I am 6 years old.  I love school because I like learning new things.  Maths and stories are my favourite things in school.  I like playing games with my friends at playtime.  I like making things in the creative area like cards and models.  We have an outdoor classroom with Mrs. Doherty and I like it our here because we play with lots of exciting toys and we get to build and play in dens.”

My name is Jonathan and I am in year 1 at Balladen School.
“I am 6 years old.  At school I like learning about numbers and now I can count to 100!  I liked learning about Space, Neil Armstrong and the Queen.  In reception we got to go to Blackpool Zoo and I remember feeding the Meerkats apples.  We also went for a walk with Mr. Grime up to the windmills and they were very big and it was exciting because they looked like they were going to fall on us.

My name is William and I am 6 years old.
“I really like the computers at school and playing games on the screen in our classroom.  My favourite thing is the construction area in class and using the wooden construction bricks outside.  We do lots of reading and my favourite book is Star Wars.”

My name is Amily and I am also in year 1 with my twin brother William.
“I really like the creative area and doing colouring and painting pictures.  I really like reading and the books we have.  My favourite book at school is the Tiger who came to tea. “

My name is Alice and I am in Reception.  
“I feel safe in school with my friends.  The grown-ups help me and I like playing with the toys.  I am good at reading.  I have made lots of friends including Eva, Lacey and Morgan.  The best thing about school is P.E.”

My name is Summer and I am in Reception.
“Mrs. Chippendale helps me and makes me feel safe.  I like playing on the Creation Station and I am good at drawing pictures.  My friends are Brooke and Ella.”

My name is Alfie and I am in Reception.
I like playing with the new trim trail.  The teachers help to keep me safe and my friends are Owen and Dylan.  I am good at playing on the computer.”

My name is Umair and I am in Reception.
“I feel safe at Balladen because I am with everyone.  My brother Uzair helps me in school.  I am good at reading and I like the computer.”